In our every day lives, we’re constantly accepting the way things are without question. We look past the things that might not make sense because we’re busy and don’t have time to think about why they work the way they do. Changes are made in business and we trust that there was a good reason for it, even when the changes bother us. But why don’t we challenge or at least ask why?

Just How It Works seeks to question the way things work: in the credit union industry, in business, in marketing, in our personal lives… and to either help explain the decisions that were made or be the catalyst for people to work towards a change.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

Who is Esteban Camargo and why should you read?

Hi, and thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve been working at CU*Answers since 2008, a nomad traveling from team to team. In my time here I’ve worked as a client service representative, a technical writer (twice), a sales administrator, and currently as the content marketing manager, a position I designed myself. I’ve basically done anything I could to expose myself to different areas of the business and industry.

I’ve taken calls, sent out announcements, done analytical studies, been a ghost-writer, written press, developed white papers, written technical specs and doc, you name it. And although I’ve familiarized myself with many areas of the credit union industry, there are many more things I’m curious about; things I don’t understand. That’s where the idea for this blog started. A desire to learn more about the reasons we do things as individuals or as a business, and at times to question whether we couldn’t be doing things better or have a different understanding to improve.

I hope you’ll follow me on this voyage of discovery, and maybe even contribute a topic or two for which you haven’t had the time to research yourself.